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"Tara Tarot psychic tarot readings & more"



DIVINATION connects you to the Divine within you, above and all around us.     

As an oracle, seer and intuitive, I offer you spiritual, practical psychological, insightful advice. Divination means to connect with the Divine.  This may be done through using cards, numerology, tea leaves, astrology, symbols, objects, crystals and trance mediumship.


I invite you to come “into the Mystic” with me and open your mind and heart to the journey, it is a process. I work with the premise that you already have all the answers to what you need to know about. “You are already enlightened” .


My role as your consultant is as an objective mirror and metaphysical interpreter. We will seek and find soulutions to all of your issues.


You are the only person who has the power and responsibility for creating everything in your life. I would never take your power away by manipulating you with false promises of being able to magically changing your life, remove curses, hexes or making some situation or someone else change to do your will. That is all “black magic” and very bad negative energy to deal with. I never go there and neither should you.   


I am here to empower you in all circumstances. Once you realize your power in your responsibilities, your karma and your life begins to change as if by magic. Then you begin to walk the road to personal power and creativity.


I invite you to discover how you can be more authentic, happier, abundant, able to live to your infinite potential.  I am very honored to be of service to you.



I keep strict confidentiality about all information I receive from you and share with you.

All of your personal information is safe and will never shared or disclosed to any outside party ever.  I read with the utmost of integrity, respect and honor your trust in me. I never discriminate or judge anyone or their situation and will always treat each of my clients equally regardless of race, religion, gender, age or orientation.


 Subscribers’ emails to my newsletter will not be shared with third party. I never send out spam and you can opt out of the subscription at any time.


I will only contact you by email if we have already met in person or have done business together. 


My readings are not intended as a replacement for licensed psychologist, health care professional, lawyer or financial advisor.  


I cannot guarantee the outcomes of any readings or recommendations, you have free will and your life choices are entirely up to you.


I guarantee to be honest, ethical and professional in my dealings with all clients. I never manipulate, intimidate or give false promises, such as the hoax “curse removal” “luck changing” or “reuniting lovers.” 


I may suggest that you do specific rituals, ceremonies or meditations, which empower you, these done at your own discretion.





I endeavor to deliver the best of my abilities once services have been purchased. 


All phone readings must be paid for in advance through PayPal or e-transfer to my email, which you contact me at.


You also need to provide a separate security password so that I can collect your payment.


If the reading is in Canada, you must pay in Canadian funds. All readings outside of Canada must be paid in U.S. dollars unless otherwise agreed upon.


You may pay through my website or I can send you a PayPal request.

All in person readings require a $25 deposit to hold the appointment time.



3. Cancellations


For a refund on your “in person” deposit, you must cancel 24 hours before the appointment.


With enough notice, your deposit will still apply to your re-scheduled reading.


NO REFUNDS FOR PHONE READINGS. Unless in a very rare instance we both agree that, the energy isn’t right or for some rare reason I cannot read you.



If you are not happy with your reading, you must speak up during the session instead of wasting both our times or using my time to take advantage of me.

I will not refund your reading once it is over, as you have received my time and expertise.




 As per legality I must say this: 

This site is for entertainment purposes only. You must be 18 years of age to legally obtain a reading or consent from a parent or guardian. 


You agree that E. Tara Greene is not legally responsible under any circumstances for any advice given at any event, or during a private reading. 


E. Tara Greene is not responsible for any damages at any events she appears at while under contract to you. 


E. Tara Greene is not legally responsible for any other entertainers that are hired under my name to entertain at your corporate or private event. Each one is an independent freelancer who may have their own insurance. 



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