The Light and Love Transformational Tarot Summit Sale


The Synchronicity of the Tarot Major Arcana,

Numerology for practical and Soul GPS

An in-depth overview of 2020, created by Tara Greene

This exciting online course is at the perfect time to prepare you

with everything you will need  to guide you through what many

astrologers are considered to be a "Turning of the Ages."

In this course you will learn:


-How the many Tarot Archetypes of the Major Arcana will guide us through the beginning of the new decade. These are #4 the Emperor, #22 The Fool and two High Priestesses! Stereo Intuitive guidance for both parts of our brains.


-Guided Meditations to help you receive and download the wisdom of these Archetypes directly


-Learn how to accept the crown of your own sovereignty and initiate new powers using the four elements;


-How to live and play in the enlightenment of the Now, healing the Inner Child


-How to listen to the stereo Guidance of two High Priestesses intuitive wisdom with the Moon cycles of 2020.


- a PDF of the Moon cycles of 2020.


The 90-minute workshop is a 1-hour presentation with 30 minutes of Live Q. & A.


- Guided Meditations of the Tarot Archetypes to use throughout 2020 – may be purchased separately.


Join me, Tara Greene, live on ZOOM on Tuesday NOVEMBER 12, on a Full Moon in Taurus

TIMES: 5:00 pm PST, 8:00 pm EST. Wednesday, November 13 @ 1:00 am GMT


                         Special Tarot Summit Discounted Price

 Reg. COST: $30 U.S.

 DISCOUNT of $8 for Telesummit Listeners (over 25% OFF) 


COST: $22 U.S.  Your currency will be converted to U.S.



A ZOOM link will be sent to you before the workshop on how to join.

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