Relax, your Zodiac sign has NOT changed. There are only 12 Astrology signs.

DO NOT PANIC! ASTRONOMY AND ASTROLOGY ARE TWO DIFFERENT SCIENCES. s This blatantly misleading story, is full of lies, that the "Zodiac has been changed, there is a 13th sign." It first appeared in 2011 from some ameteur astronomer now its being revived again. The latest variation on the scientific public put down of Astrology came from a kids page of NASA- se e link below. NASA is about ASTRONOMY, it knows shit about real ASTROLOGY. NASA has not done its due diligence about this. This Astrology even got TIME coverage,with even more lies. The ASTROLOGY community was never rocked in 2011 as they weren’t rocked when a few astronomers downgraded PLUTO from planetary status. All Astrologers L

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